Tasting Sardinia Academy is an itinerant cultural workshop, specialising in the design and organisation of educational trips for academics and members of trade associations.
Operating in Sardinia, home to one of the five Blue Zones in the world, Tasting Sardinia Academy is ideally placed to provide unique experiences that explore themes around Mediterranean lifestyle and longevity.
Tasting Sardinia Academy’s multi-disciplinary method, based on firm scientific grounds, investigates how traditional lifestyle has throughout the years adopted healthy habits and developed knowledge, which are now proven right by scientific evidence.
Each experience is made unique by the interaction with locals who, in their own homes, share centuries-old practices, which are commented upon in-depth by expert Ivo Pirisi.
These workshop, the core offer of Tasting Sardinia Academy, involve entire communities, each of which has its own local cultural and culinary traits: cheese-producing shepherds, bread and pasta-making wheat-farmers, and fishermen of coastal villages where the traditional bottarga is produced.
Each community tells a story passed down the generations, a story made of words, signs, places, fragrances and flavours.
Tasting Sardinia Academy aims to promote the lifestyle of centenarians investigating its scientific aspects through direct shared experiences that break cultural, territorial, ethnic and linguistic barriers.


  • Aaron Rose
    Aaron Rose, BYU University

    As the study abroad program manager at Brigham Young University, I found the Longevity Academy with Ivo Pirisi to be the best academic experience possible in Sardinia. It is perfectly designed for a short-term study abroad group with rich interpersonal experiences with locals, insights and hands-on experiences like organic farming and cheesemaking, and living local customs and cultures that influence longevity and wellness. It would serve as an awesome field-trip for a course on your campus, a stand-alone study abroad program of its own, or a short-term visit to pair with other European study abroad visits. Our guide was Ivo Pirisi, a renaissance man of many skills, interests, and academic backgrounds. He was both highly professional and personal. His special touch was on everything we experienced, and it was all organized perfectly. He introduced us to other locals, scholars, and artisans, who helped to reinforce the themes of our experience. Ivo organized all our accommodations, some charming, some basic, all appropriate. He also organized for us meal after mouth-watering meal – all included in our package trip cost. Change your life, go to Sardinia – a different culture, a different place from Italy and the other Mediterranean nations. It is the heart of the Mediterranean.

  • Zov Karamardian
    Zov Karamardian, Zov’s Restaurant Group (California, USA)

    We had the most magical tour of Sardinia thanks to Dr. Ivo Pirisi and the Tasting Sardinia Longevity Academy. I couldn’t have dreamt of a more perfect trip! We felt more like Family than tourists. What a treat it was to be invited into the homes of so many lovely local villagers for hands-on cooking classes. We covered it all, bread baking, fresh pasta, cheese making out in the field with Shepard’s. No Sardinian stone was left unturned. As a chef and restaurant owner, Culinary Travel has always been a passion of mine, especially traveling to the Blue Zones of the world. I have been fortunate to take many tours during my life but my time in Sardinia and with Dr. Ivo and the Tasting Sardinia Longevity Academy was my favorite by far. We were shown a side of Sardinia that we’d never get to see on our own. I can’t wait to go back and pick up where we left off!


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