Tasting Sardinia Academy is an itinerant cultural workshop, specialising in the design and organisation of educational trips for academics and members of trade associations.
Operating in Sardinia, home to one of the five Blue Zones in the world, Tasting Sardinia Academy is ideally placed to provide unique experiences that explore themes around Mediterranean lifestyle and longevity.
Tasting Sardinia Academy’s multi-disciplinary method, based on firm scientific grounds, investigates how traditional lifestyle has throughout the years adopted healthy habits and developed knowledge, which are now proven right by scientific evidence.
Each experience is made unique by the interaction with locals who, in their own homes, share centuries-old practices, which are commented upon in-depth by expert Ivo Pirisi.
These workshop, the core offer of Tasting Sardinia Academy, involve entire communities, each of which has its own local cultural and culinary traits: cheese-producing shepherds, bread and pasta-making wheat-farmers, and fishermen of coastal villages where the traditional bottarga is produced.
Each community tells a story passed down the generations, a story made of words, signs, places, fragrances and flavours.
Tasting Sardinia Academy aims to promote the lifestyle of centenarians investigating its scientific aspects through direct shared experiences that break cultural, territorial, ethnic and linguistic barriers.

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Dr Ivo Pirisi holds a PHD degree in biology and a specialisation in nutrition. In the early stages of his career he worked as a researcher at the University of Cagliari (Sardinia – Italy) where he studied the metabolism of fats. Dr Ivo spent his childhood and youth in a very small village of inner Sardinia, where the community relationships and bonds are still very strong and important.

Since he was a child he learnt how to cook traditional dishes using local produce that was farmed by his own family or neighbours.

He worked on ancient recipes, learnt the use of traditional dismissed cooking tools, but above all, thanks to his studies he found proof of the benefits of traditional cuisine on people’s health.

His passions and studies merged in a consistent project when he started to share the culinary traditions and local culture with small groups of tourists who really wanted to discover the authentic Sardinia.

Dr Ivo was happily surprised by the sincere interest of foreign tourists for his homeland so that he began to work with local communities, artisans, farmers, shepherds, and vintners, to create programs that would give tourists an unconventional “taste” of Sardinian lifestyle and discovery of the island. Sardinia food traditions became the key to unveil the island to visitors and as a result www.tastingsardinia.com was born.

Doctor Pirisi has developed programs on Sardinian Longevity and the Blue Zones. Sardinia is in fact one of the places in the world with the highest percentage of centenarians, known as a Blue Zone (there are only five Blue Zones in the world).

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